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Casino house edge and RTP explained If you’re new to the world of online casinos, you must have seen numerous casino terms on casino sites. Casino house edge and RTP are often discussed in online casino forums.  While it may initially be confusing, it is not at all hard to get around with these terms. Knowing what they mean will help you maximise your winnings and save you a lot of time whenever you are selecting which casino titles to play. What is a house edge? Similar to other businesses out there, it is essential for online casinos to sustain themselves. Thus it is onlyRead More →

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Crypto gambling: Why you should bet with Litecoin From what started with the transition of casino platforms (land-based to online), today’s period has seen a full paradigm shift in value and payment methods. Despite the fact that traditional payments (i.e. fiat money) remain the most popular, no one can deny the evident presence of digital currencies.  Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, a growing number of people have become believers in the concept of a digital, decentralised money. While its intriguing premise may appear to be a ‘hype’ at first, it is genuinely wide, inventive, and beneficial in the financial world. As expected, sectorsRead More →

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8 betting strategies every player should learn Online casinos are widely popular among players who love having fun and winning prizes. On these websites, players can choose among a wide roster of games that will give them prizes anytime and anywhere they like.  The online platform has more games because of the prolific number of providers that most sites work with. This gives players a wide range of slots and live dealer games they can choose from. With these, players can place bets and test their chances.  When players visit Luckyslots, they want to have fun and win. Although the games are purely based onRead More →

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5 Poker titles to play on Luckyslots The emergence of online casinos led to variations of casino games. Top gaming providers like Evolution, Play’n GO, and Microgaming all produce different titles with twists from the traditional dynamics of the games. Creativity is one of the main innovations in the world of online casinos. There are various top casino sites that offer a wide selection of games. Among the games that the site offers, poker is one of the most popular choices among players. available on the site and how they vary from each other. If you’re a poker fan, then you’re in for a treat.Read More →

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Guide for beginners: How to play online craps Crap games are a simple game of pure chance. They’re played with two dice, a board, and chips. The game is played in rounds and the number of players can be up to 20. These players take turns being the shooter and rolling the dice. All you have to do is to correctly predict what dice value the shooter will roll. If you’re interested in playing online craps, you can find a lot of titles of it on different online casinos such as Luckyslots. You can even find live casino versions of craps now that live casinosRead More →

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Pros of playing online slots versus traditional slots Slots are the most-played games both in land-based and online casinos. Slots are the fundamental game type every casino has. Most casino players were introduced to casinos through playing slots.  Eventually, even when players learn to love table games which are more complex, they still regularly play slots. Slots will never get old for casino players. Whether they play in their local casino or on Luckyslots, they always find the time to play slots. In our modern world today, online casinos are undeniably popular. They catch everyone’s attention, not just regular casino enthusiasts but ordinary people asRead More →

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Luckyslots tips for managing betting bankroll There is a way to play correctly when gambling and that is done through managing the bankroll. Luckyslots can help customers set up forced restrictions through customer service. However, many players prefer to exercise discipline on their own. Here are Luckyslots tips for managing the bankroll to minimize losses while playing. Employ these practices with your winning strategies to get the best results. Schedule your budget with a maximum limit Players decide when and how much funds should be transferred in and out of their accounts. Most online casino payment methods won’t set a limit for deposits so gamblersRead More →

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5 best roulette betting strategies to try at Luckyslots Despite the high house edge, roulette remains one of the most popular and widely played casino games among new and experienced players. You place a bet, the dealer throws the ball into the wheel, and you wait whether you win or not in just a matter of seconds.  Roulette’s fast-paced gameplay brings utmost thrill and joy, especially if you have winning streaks. With that in mind, what happens when the outcome does not go your way? Consider adding betting systems to your strategies. Here are five popular and common strategies in betting: Martingale System The MartingaleRead More →

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Understanding basic online slot game terms Slot games are the most popular game choice in any casino platform. With their simple gameplay, it is no longer surprising that many players are hooked on these exciting games. Slots are the most abundant choices in land casinos and online casinos. Whereas there can be hundreds of slot games in the brick and mortar setting, there can be thousands in the online platform. With their variety, game providers have made it possible for players to choose among countless themes that suit their liking. This made slot games more interesting to play. One great thing about slot games isRead More →


Professional poker: How do poker tournaments work? If winning poker is caused by luck and chance, then how come there are various tournaments across the world with winners far more successful than those who hit jackpots in slot games? While it is true that it’s a gambling game, it demands skills, wit, and best of all, it doesn’t have a house edge because players play against one another. Luck is inevitable because players deal with the ratio of the probability of a well-shuffled 52 card deck. From then on, managing the cards throughout the betting rounds is where skills and wit enter. However, that’s notRead More →