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8 betting strategies every player should learn

Online casinos are widely popular among players who love having fun and winning prizes. On these websites, players can choose among a wide roster of games that will give them prizes anytime and anywhere they like. 

The online platform has more games because of the prolific number of providers that most sites work with. This gives players a wide range of slots and live dealer games they can choose from. With these, players can place bets and test their chances. 

When players visit Luckyslots, they want to have fun and win. Although the games are purely based on luck, some players strategize so they can win better. Here are some of the most popular strategies that you can use.  

Fixed amount strategy 

This strategy, also known as level staking, is one of the most straightforward bets that players do. This strategy involves players having a fixed amount for every wager they place. This means that they’ll wager the same amount every time they play and that they won’t vary it regardless of how the flow of the game differs. 

When placing this bet, players must consider their bankroll so that they can determine the total amount that they’ll place every time. Ideally, players who wish to do this are advised to place 5% or less of their bankroll so that they won’t quickly run out of funds to place. 

This strategy is commonly used by novice players. Some players don’t consider this as a smart strategy since it doesn’t consider the probability of bet winnings. 

Fixed percentage strategy 

This strategy is similar to the fixed amount strategy but it involves a little more math. This involves placing bets of a fixed percentage rather than a fixed amount. To compute this, players must multiply the price of what they are betting on. This is also a helpful strategy that gives better profits. 

For example, a player has a $100 bankroll. They decide to place a $2 bet since it will be equal to 2% of the bankroll. After it has been spent and only $98 remains, they can spend $1.96 or $2 so as not to go over his plan of placing 1% to 2% of their bankroll. 

Martingale strategy 

This popular strategy is used by players who wish to recover from their previous losses. This follows a negative progression system as players are required to double their bets when they lose and go back to their original bets when they win. This allows them to cover their losses with the winnings they can earn from their next bets. 

An example would have to be a player who places an initial bet of $1. If they lose, their next bet will be $2. If they lose again, their next bet would be $4, $8, $16 and so on. They can only place a $1 bet again if they win a game. 

This is a promising strategy for players who can afford to take big risks in the long run.

Fibonacci sequence strategy 

The Fibonacci sequence strategy is somehow similar to the Martingale strategy except the bets adjust based on the losses. This strategy was invented by a mathematician called Leonardo Pisano who created the sequence of numbers. 

This is the sequence used in this strategy: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

When players lose their bets, the fixed stake is multiplied one step up the sequence. If they win, their fixed stake is multiplied by two numbers down on the sequence. 


Also called dutching, this strategy is used to equally divide their bets among the several selections in the market. This allows players to consistently win a certain amount regardless of which bets win. 

Although this strategy gives players a guaranteed win on two or more outcomes in a player’s chosen game, this doesn’t guarantee them profit. 

Proportional betting 

This is another popular betting strategy that is popularly used in live dealer games. This requires players to wager a certain percentage of their total bankroll in proportion to the edge. This is based on the Kelly formula that was developed by J.L. Kelly Jr. 

This is how the formula looks: (BP-Q)/B. B stands for the wager’s decimal odds minus one; P is a player’s probability of success, and Q is the probability of failure.

This is a helpful formula that helps people increase their bets when they’re winning and decrease it if they’re losing. 

Playing in tournaments 

Many players believe that it’s best to join tournaments. The reason behind this is that these are considered a great way to earn money while investing a certain amount of money. Players will simply have to pay an entry fee to qualify for the tournaments. If they win, they can earn impressive prizes. Some tournaments are even big enough to give away thousands of dollars. 

There are tournaments created for poker, slots, and blackjack. Doing this strategy also helps players extend their bankroll since tournaments are known for giving better prizes compared to regular games. 

Placing banker bets 

Players who are fond of playing baccarat are advised to place banker bets as much as they can. This is considered the best choice in baccarat as it wins roughly 46% of the time. Although this may be not too different from the player bet, players are most likely to win with this bet rather than the latter. 

This also offers the lowest house edge. Placing this bet is worth the commission that can be earned by players. Still, it depends if players may want to vary their experience by placing a player bet too. No matter what happens, what matters most is that players avoid the tie bet. 

These are just some of the strategies that players can use when they play their favourite casino games here at Luckyslots. By choosing among the countless games and using these strategies to their advantage, players can discover which strategies are most effective for them! 

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