Make the Most of Your Casino Bonuses with These Reminders

Casino bonuses are the best ways to start your day on any casino and Luckyslots offers some of the best in the market! However, there are players who don’t know what to do to maximize their winnings. As an esteemed slot casino, we have a duty to make sure that our players enjoy their time with our offers. Here are some gentle reminders from Luckyslots that will help you enjoy our bonuses to the fullest!

Take Note of the Wagering Requirements

Most deposit bonuses have a certain requirement that the player needs to meet to gain the full benefits of the bonus. This may include depositing a minimum amount or playing a certain number of times. It also includes betting a certain amount or playing on a specific game. This may also be a combination of the mentioned possible requirements.

Wagering requirements also vary from one bonus/promo to another. This is why it’s important for you to check these requirements right after activating a bonus on your account. Some bonuses also have expiration dates once they’re activated.

Don’t Rush Your Winnings With Big Bets

Playing within the requirements is enough to give you the benefits of the bonus. Betting double the amount that is required does not make you complete it faster in most cases. Luckyslots Casino wishes that you play in moderation to keep games fun. Rushing with unnecessarily large bets can potentially drain your winnings as quickly as it is multiplied.

Take Note of Featured Games

Every Luckyslots bonuses can be used on every game. However, some promotions have extra benefits when you use your free spins and cash bonuses on certain games. This could include a specific game or games coming from the same provider. This can change every week or month so always read your bonuses carefully to make the most of it. Check out our promo page to learn more.

Enjoy the Loyalty Club

The Loyalty Club is Luckyslots’ greatest gift to its customers! It seems daunting to feel like you’re wasting your wager on a series of losses in slots. With the Loyalty Club, those losses can contribute to your progress. Winnings also contribute to this progress so you’ll just keep on winning! The rewards you get from this loyalty program is determined by how often you play so you can improve your benefits at your own pace.

Avoid Bonus Abuse

Luckyslots and other casinos are aware of the practice of ‘bonus abuse’. It can come in many forms such as creating multiple accounts to take advantage of the welcome bonus to cheating the rollover bonus. Luckyslots does follow certain security measures that detect these activities and is entitled to stop players from withdrawing their winnings once discovered. This is within the casino’s prerogative until a further investigation proves the player’s innocence.

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