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New slot game releases to check out

Slot games are considered to be the most popular choice on all casino platforms. It is a huge hit in land casinos but it has proven to be a bigger hit in online casinos as they offer more options. Whereas there are lots of slot machines in the brick and mortar setting, online casinos can give their players hundreds or thousands of choices to choose from.

Aside from variety, playing slot games on the online platform is more exciting as it gives players access to newly released games. Playing in online casinos also entitles players to a free mode that allows them to know game features before placing real bets.

By visiting online casinos like Luckyslots, players will see that slot games fall under different themes that match players’ aesthetics. With that, game developers made sure to release new games of different styles from time to time to appeal to players. Here is a closer look at some newly released slots that we think players should try!

Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake

Play’n Go

This slot game is based on the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur. According to the myth, the Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur to King Arthur. With her important role in the story, it is not that surprising to see that the Lady of the Lake is the highest paying symbol in the game.

This magical slot has 5 reels and 10 pay lines. It also has an RTP of 96.2%.

Adventures of Doubloon Island


Adventures of Doubloon Island takes its players on an interesting treasure hunt. Designed in a comic book style, players will surely enjoy the tropical island setting that the game provides. To make it even more interesting, the game was matched with a pirate-inspired soundtrack that gets livelier upon triggering bonuses.

The captain is the highest valued symbol in the game. When playing the game, players can enjoy its 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines upon every spin. The RTP of the game is 96.01%.

Take Olympus


This slot game takes its players to Olympus, the place where all the ancient deities of Greece reside. Here, players will be faced with the four Olympian Gods — Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Hades. Upon encountering them, players will know the Gods’ special powers that can help them earn rewards. They might also meet Zeus, the mighty king of the Gods and earn blessings from him as he also functions as a wild symbol.

By knowing more about the gids, we guarantee that players will truly have fun in this 5 reel, 50 pay line video slot that has an RTP of 95.49%.

These are just a handful of newly released games that players can enjoy in Luckyslots. With that, we highly suggest that players make sure to check the list and find games that can interest them the most. By trying new slots, we assure that players will surely have fun with every spin they make!

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