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Here are three core principles to know about online scratch cards

There are just days when we want instant and big-time wins. Poker games normally run for hours and demand skills form its players to win the pot. Blackjack also employs strategies to beat the dealer. Now, slot games come with multiple bonus rounds and extra gameplay features.

Well, it’s a very good thing that the iGaming market offers various types of games, where each caters to players’ different gaming predilections. Even better, it’s another great timing that you’re here at Luckyslots because we’ll guide you through online scratch cards. Here are three interesting and instructive facts you should know about them.

#1: Types of online scratch cards

Bid goodbye to waiting in line, metallic mess and smudges because online scratch cards come into two major types: web-based and download-based scratch cards. If you’re lucky, some online casinos like Luckyslots offer both.

Whether you decide to play with browser support or through download, both can be developed and designed by different variants, which are as follows:

  • Licensed scratch cards: These cards use licensed themes, for instance, movies, famous figures, songs, etc.
  • Bingo scratch cards: These cards share similar gameplay features with bingo (i.e. more winning combinations using a larger grid of fields).
  • Scratch card games: These cards have stages that are played first before winning the prize.
  • Automated scratch cards: These cards are quite straightforward. You place a bet, press the button, and the random algorithm does the job to show the winning symbols.

#2: Online scratch card tips

The simplicity of scratch cards makes it quite easy to win and lose in a matter of seconds. As ever, no punter likes the latter case. Make the most of playing online scratch cards with these reminders below:

Read the game’s instructions

While all scratch cards follow the same principle, and the mere fact that they don’t require any special skills, do note that most software providers modify them with additional bonuses and exciting themes.

Find an online or crypto casino that you can trust

A seamless and enjoyable gambling experience can only be attained when you play at licensed and generous online or crypto casinos.

Know when to quit

One other crucial factor that makes your online casino experience the best is learning when to quit. Whether you admit it or not, ‘scratch another card one more time’ seems to have been ingrained in every player’s mind. As a golden rule, have fun, but never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

#3: Online scratch card titles

Like online poker varieties and slot games, online scratch cards come with a plethora of choices. From software providers to ticket costs and prizes, the search will certainly take quite a while. To get you started on this exciting betting activity, here are a few famous titles you should try. Best of all, you can enjoy some of them using virtual currencies at leading crypto casinos like Luckyslots.

  • Lucky Scratch Scratch Card
  • Berry Picker Scratch Card
  • Christ Tarrant’s Millions
  • 33Chances
  • Full Bloom
  • 10 Lucky Years
  • 777
  • Fruity Flurry
  • Raid the Piggy Bank
  • Instant Millionaire
  • £100,000 Cash

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