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Understanding basic online slot game terms

Slot games are the most popular game choice in any casino platform. With their simple gameplay, it is no longer surprising that many players are hooked on these exciting games.

Slots are the most abundant choices in land casinos and online casinos. Whereas there can be hundreds of slot games in the brick and mortar setting, there can be thousands in the online platform. With their variety, game providers have made it possible for players to choose among countless themes that suit their liking. This made slot games more interesting to play.

One great thing about slot games is how they are very easy to play. Upon understanding the terms used in each game, players can simply click on their favourite slots in online casinos like Luckyslots. As first time players, people can be a little confused about the terms each game uses. With that, here is a closer understanding of some basic online slot game terms.


The Return to Player (RTP) feature of the game determines the chances of how much can be returned to players after playing a certain game several times. This is always expressed in a percentage form. Many players check this before starting a game to see how profitable a game may be.

Whereas it may be quite rare for land casino slots to have an RTP of 95%, online slots can have RTPs as high as 98%. Therefore, checking these before starting a game can make players know how much can be in store for them.


Paylines are where matching symbols should be placed for them to be winning combinations. Some games still have just one payline but many other slots have paylines in different directions. This may be because online slots are more modern.


Reels is the term used to describe the rotating barrels on which the symbols appear. Modern slot games can have any number of reels. Now, the most common ones that can be seen and enjoyed on the internet are those with 3 reels and 5 reels.


There are a lot of symbols that appear in every slot game. One of these is the scatter symbol which many players look out for. Many new slot games have this special symbol. These symbols are special bonuses that are marked in a game’s paytable.


Wilds work similarly to joker cards. This special slot symbol can replace any other symbol on a slot game. When this symbol lands on a payline, it can substitute a missing symbol that is needed to complete the winning combination. With these symbols, the odds of players hitting a good combination increase.

These are just some of the terms you will encounter upon choosing a slot game in Luckyslots or any other online casino. By keeping these terms in mind, we guarantee that players can be more confident about the way they play. More so, they will also know what to expect on a certain slot game even before they try it out!

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