Beat the Casino Slots with Tech and Tips

There are tons of games in digital casinos. Through technology, game providers had found ways to create classic games and innovate for new variants and features.

Despite all the games available on the internet, slots remain on the most wanted casino games. The main allure is the straightforward approach of the game. This is as punters can easily push a button and immediately find out if they win or not.

At Luckyslots, you can score at our selection of over a thousand slot games. From various providers, they have different features and concepts that you will definitely love. Our casino is also committed to providing our punters with only the best games with high possibilities of winnings.

We can give it to you through the live RTP and variance. You can easily see these factors when browsing for games. This guide will walk you through how you can use these slot features and more to your advantage.

Tech Behind the Slots

The most basic thing to know about slots is the terms and features that are used in games. The paylines, bonus symbols, and free levels are just some aspects that you can spot visually in games. You can find more details on how they work in our guide about their features.

Like all things in gambling, a little knowledge on how the reels and gears work may give your gaming the boost it needs. Let’s talk about some aspects of the game and how you can use them to your advantage.

Adjusting Your Bets

One of the most important parts of gaming is definitely how players budget their bets. Thankfully, slots have a feature where you can adjust just how much you want to bet per spin. Regardless of automated spins, the game can ensure that you’re only spending a specific amount per spin.

As you check the details of the game, you can easily see how much the minimum and maximum coins you can place per spin. However, some games like Tiki Terror allow punters to adjust how much each in-game will be worth.

Some games like Speed Cash have fixed minimum and maximum bets. Still, Speed Cash is a progressive game that can easily be played by high-rollers. This is because punters can also adjust their total bet by fixing the number of spins on autoplay. If you want to try this technique, you can also set the auto spins to stop if you lose or win a certain amount of money.

Betting high wagers can sometimes help you reach the highest RTP for some games. However, you don’t really need to always bet high to get better wins. This will be explained through the RNG software. If you want to stick to small, slow but profitable wins, that is also a great way to wager!

When wagering, always consider how much your betting budget is. You must always stay within your means of spending.

Know the RNG of Slots

Online casinos were made to mimic how the actual games and machines function in land casinos. This recreates the feeling for old punters and gives new bettors a similarly exciting thrill when wagering in an online casino.

If we imagine the actual slots of the past and mechanical ones, they are made with actual reels that spin around. They were programmed simply yet efficiently where the gears turn and stop randomly through the braking system. When it stops, the symbols on the reels will show what you win.

However, we use advanced technology to recreate this process in mechanical gears. Punters and gambling authorities consider how to build the idea of randomness while also keeping fairness through digital means.

This is how the random number generator (RNG) program was innovated for slots. The task is to pick and release numbers from a fixed selection. The result of the program decides what symbols will be depicted by the digital slot. The algorithm of the RNG recreates the randomness of the slot game.

Furthermore, slots actually don’t save their previous results. This means that the software doesn’t know or care if it shows the same number or different number each turn. This means that there is no direct correlation between your previous spin and your next spin.

The RNG program is also safe from tampering by casinos. This is because the RNG of slots is hard-coded. Changing the RNG program to fit the casino’s advantage would affect the game greatly and how it runs. Punters and authorities would immediately notice it if this occurs.

The RNG software and other tech are regulated and maintained by gambling authorities to ensure that the game is always fair to the players. Backed by Curacao Gaming, you can trust that Luckyslots will surely deliver the fun, fast and fair service that you deserve.

Return-To-Player Factor

If you think about how random the numbers will be generated by the RNG, you might think it might be so hard to win. Don’t worry as games are definitely crafted for the enjoyment of punters. As they made it challenging, they also built the Return-To-Player (RTP) aspect to the RNG software which ensures that players would win.

The RTP refers to the amount of money that the game gives back to its players. Most games from Luckyslots are typically worth around 90% to 97% RTP. This literally means that a game returns the said percentage that is wagered on it to lucky players.

To balance it out, games also have a house edge for the casino’s benefit. This in return is the percentage that is ensured to the casino. You can easily check the house edge of a game through the info located below it or by a single search.

When choosing, choose a game with a high RTP and a lower house edge. This will give you better chances of winning.

Volatility and Variance

Aside from the RTP, you can also view the game’s volatility and variance in our casino. This is another valuable feature that can be used by punters to know if the game is fit for their gameplay.

Once you pay a handful of slots, you should recognise by then the different gimmicks that each game has to stay ahead of its competition. Sometimes wagering on a game with easy and obvious paylines is an easier choice while sometimes joining a complex game is a thrilling thing to try. However, how do we know which one pays well?

The variance or volatility of games can help you with that. Both refers to how a game gives out its rewards in terms of its size and quantity of wins.

For example, a game that requires big bets but also gives out big rewards is highly volatile. On the other hand, low variance are some games that ask for less stakes but give smaller and more consistent rewards There are also some games which are in the middle ground—they ask for average stakes and give regular small wins but punters also have the chance to win big jackpots!

Variance can be easily viewed while you are browsing in Luckyslots! Be sure to take note of the variance, RTP and other factors in your next game!

Live RTP at Luckyslots

If you’re playing at our casino, you’re definitely in luck!

Our casino offers the Live RTP feature. Aside from theoretical RTP given by the providers, the Live RTP shows real-time changes to the RTP of games.

For example, Dead or Alive 2 has a standard RTP of 96%. Through the Live RTP tab, players can immediately see where the true RTP is currently at. Typically, if a game’s Live RTP exceeds its standard RTP, this would mean that it could be time for another big prize!

Browse for a number of games offering the highest returns for the punters. Here are some games you can start with.

  • Iron Girl
  • Gopher Gold
  • Book of Dead
  • Phoenix Fire Power Reels
  • The Sword and the Grail
  • Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
  • The Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist
  • Reels of Rock Video Slot

Aside from slot games, you can also score some baccarat, poker, and other table games. This is because they are programmed with high RTP levels at over 99%! Keep luck at your side when you play in our casino!

Tips for Both Pro and New Bettors

As you may know how to play the game, its various features and the tech behind it, you are now a few steps away from being completely ready to bet! Check out these following tips that both pro and new punters definitely need and follow through.

Make your wagers well when you try these out!

Manage your bankroll carefully.

As discussed in the early part of this guide, one of the most important parts of wagering is keeping your money. Bankroll is the term coined for the total money that punters put into their gaming. As you may recall, this is also why people who bet lots of money are called high rollers.

Luckyslots is committed to promoting responsible gaming. We want all our players to always keep in mind their well-being and outside lives while playing with us.

Pro gamblers always keep away their bankroll from other kinds of money. As there is a specific budget for your gaming, you can always be sure to never use your essential money for your bets.

Every player must be mindful of how he or she must bet to use the bankroll efficiently. If you have a small budget, you can have a long worthwhile run while slowly placing your stakes in carefully planned wagers. If you want to pull off the big wagers, you must have a bankroll big enough to support how you bet!

Set a limit to your wagers.

Winning gambles is immensely fun!

If you have won even once, you would know how good it feels when the profits finally pay back all your previous spins. It would be very tempting to go again and, for sure, most punters would.

This is why the next tip is to always set a limit to your gaming. Aside from taking care of your money, you must know when to stop.

No matter how your luck turns, you must have a certain limit to your gaming and bankroll. If you don’t win the jackpot, the goal should be to win and set aside profit for another day. If you do not know when to stop, you might just do so when your bankroll empties!

When you’re on a losing streak, keep in mind that you can always earn back the money that you lost. You should not wager all your money past your budget on a game of chances.

On the other hand, if you start to go on a lucky winning streak, this would be another perfect time to set a limit. Luck is something that you don’t always have and a winning streak can easily turn into a series of bad spins! You should learn when to fall back and take your profits!

Use a strategy.

Gambling is definitely a mind game. Although luck is a big game-changer, you commonly also need patience and skills to actually have a shot on winning large sums of money.

By combining what you know on slots: the basics of playing it, its various features and gears, you’d be getting a gist of just how challenging yet surprisingly easy a game of slots is. By trying more games in the casino, you might just find which one treats you to nice profits.

Pro gamblers play different slots to score more. They may also switch from standard to progressive slots. As you play more, you’ll definitely understand the game better.

The use of strategies is not only limited to slots! You can also use it for poker, baccarat and other games! Check them out here as well!

Play at the right casino.

Aside from giving you the best games, high RTPs and amazing features, you must stick with a platform which awards you lots of bonuses and perks! Casinos must also handle your deposits, withdrawals and other transactions well!

Like picking the right slot game, you should also know which casino got your back. (Hint: It’s Luckyslots!)