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Poker is one of the biggest games in the world of gambling. Unlike other games of chance in the casino, poker can be won with mere confidence and skills. As pro gamblers do, the key to winning even if you don’t get lucky in your hand is to bluff your way into winning.

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Online Poker Betting

The basic idea in poker is to create the best set of cards on the table. The highest position of cards in a game is the Ace followed by the King, Queen, Jack and the numbered cards. In most games, similarly ranked cards from different suits are worth the same.

There is also a poker variant that deals with low hands. This means that the low-ranking cards are preferred. There are also more variants that you’ll see on this guide.

The Hierarchy of Cards

The set of hands are assorted from worst to best hands in the high hand poker.

  1. High Card: If no combination can be made, the player can pick out the highest card in the deck.
  2. Pair: A pair refers to when a player has two cards with the same position (ex. Pair of Kings, 3 Other Cards).
  3. Two Pair: Two pairs is done when you have two cards of the same rank and another two cards of a different rank (ex. Pair of Kings, Pair of Aces, 1 Other Card).
  4. Three of a Kind: Punters get luckier with three cards of the same rank.
  5. Straight: Aside from hierarchy, a set of cards is valuable when it is consecutive. A straight is a collection of cards with succeeding ranks. The suit can be disregarded.
  6. Flush: If a player does not have a straight but has cards of all the same suit (Diamond, Heart, Spade or Clubs), he can make a flush.
  7. Full House: A hand with a pair and a three of a kind.
  8. Four of A Kind: As the name suggests, you get this when you complete an entire set of the cards with the same rank and an extra.
  9. Straight Flush: A straight flush is a combination of straight and flush hands with consecutive cards of the same suit in all five cards.
  10. Royal Flush: The Royal Flush is the highest rank of straight flush that one can create. Aside from consecutive cards and the same suit, the five cards must be an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the Ten.

The hierarchy of a set of cards is also affected by the positions indicated. For example, a pair of aces will beat a pair of tens. This is also the same concept in straight flush versus the royal flush.

As mentioned earlier, the game’s not immediately over if you get a bad hand. The other players won’t know that you have a bad hand if you know how to bluff well.

How it Happens

In a classic game of poker, punters will work with the cards dealt to them (hole cards) and cards shared by the entire table (community cards). This allows them to have a slight idea of what each player can have.

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The game of poker happens through a series of events. This allows the players to slowly make their decisions while also increasing the pot to win.

The Blind

The holes are given during the initial phase. Upon seeing their cards, players may decide to raise the bets or fold the match. In case, the game has no starting pot or ante, all players have to give their blind bets to the pot.

The Flop

After the wagering period, the dealer removes a card from the deck (burning). Then three cards (the flop) are issued to the community cards. After seeing them, players can decide if they would check, call, raise or bet.

Checking would mean that players would keep their cards without raising their bets. Calling would mean giving the equal bet to the previous punter’s raise or call.

The Turn

After the wager, one card is burned and the next (the turn) is dealt to the community cards. The process of wagering then repeats.

The River

The last one of the shared cards (the river) is dealt in a similar fashion. Players also wager with similar options for the last time. As the river is given, some players who can’t create the best hands may fold. Other players will raise the bets adding pressure to confused players.

The Showdown

Here is when the cards are finally shown. Players will combine their hole cards with the community cards. In some games, players can also use only the shared cards.

During ties, the pot is divided into the players. Players can also win before the showdown if all but one punter have folded before the showdown.

Why Wager at an Online Casino

When poker is played at an online casino such as ours, you can also elevate your wagering by doubling your bet whenever you want! There are also various poker games that you can switch to with a simple push of a button.

The best thing about online table games is how the games are guaranteed to pay back about 97% or more of what you have wagered. Video poker tables always show a paytable of just how much you can win if you create a specific hand.

Aside from the classic version, digital casinos have incorporated new gimmicks to the mix. For example, the Joker can also be introduced to the deck as an additional challenge or help. Play your cards right and you’ll be cashing out prizes in any game you pick!

Community Poker

The classic game explained above refers to community poker. Inside this poker, other rules can also be made, creating new variants of the game. Aside from community poker, there are also straight, stud and other kinds of poker.

Omaha Poker

The Omaha is the closest to the game explained above. The only variation is that four hole cards are dealt during the Blind phase. To create the final set of cards, players must use only two of their hole cards and three from the community cards.

The challenging thing in the game is when you get dealt good cards on the hole cards. Thus, you can’t use them anymore.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is another variant of community poker. The main difference is on how the wins are made. The games most often have ante bets, for a predetermined jackpot. The usual betting pattern still occurs.

If you win through the showdown with a higher hand, you’ll get a payout of 1:1 for your total wagers. If you happen to get a straight flush or higher, you take home the entire pot.

Draw Poker

Compared to the community poker explained above, this deals with a simple game where players only work on the five initial cards that were dealt to them. They can improve the cards by burning and replacing some of them with new cards. The usual rounds of betting happen.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker moves in the same way as draw poker. You can throw away cards in hopes that new cards can create a better hand.

However, the game uses the concept of wilds, the joker cards. When a joker is drawn, they will substitute for any card that can create the best hand. The game AI automatically will freeze these wild cards as you burn and replace other cards through the usual draw poker pattern.

A valuable tip is that you should not save all wild cards if you get three or more. Jokers function to mimic other cards so they cannot do that if there’s no set to complete.

Jacks or Better

From Tangente, this game is a prime example of Draw Poker. As the name suggests, the wins start when you get a pair of jacks as you draw. As you go higher, the payouts multiply!

If you manage to win, you can also get a free round where you can double your wins through your initial prize. If you manage to get a higher card than the shown card, your wins are doubled.

Aces and Faces

Based on Jacks or Better, this is another draw poker variant with a similar concept. As the game suggests, the highest payouts are a combination of aces and face cards. This game from Genii has an amazing RTP of 99.25%.

Magic Poker

Magic Poker from Wazdan is another type of Draw Poker. Players can score on 2 Pairs, a 3 of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, 4 of a Kind, a Straight Flush, a Royal Flush and a 5 of a Kind.

The 96.61% RTP is elevated by the additional features of the game. As you play and complete more hands, you can unlock bonus prizes and perks in this magical game!

Other Games

As explained earlier, there are also other variants such as low hand games, high-low games and unique ones. Most of the time, the differences are either in the gameplay or the payouts.

In Between Poker

With OneTouch, you can try this famous poker variant with an RTP of 94.59%. Two cards are dealt to the players. Instead of creating hands, the game focuses on whether the next card dealt will be found between the two initial cards.

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Poker History Trivia

  • Poker is said to originate from various cultures including Ancient China, Persia, and more. The building of hands such as pairs, three of a kind were present in an earlier game from the 1500s, the Primero.
  • Another French game that is easily compared to Poker is Poque. Because of the similarity of names, a relationship is often speculated within the two games and from its versions in other countries (Poch, Pochen, Pochspiel). ‘Pochen’ also means ‘to bluff’, an important thing in poker games.
  • The classic game of Poker was said to be started in America. The highest card that was accepted then was only the five-card hand.
  • Europe took on the American poker when Queen Victoria took fascination in the game. Officials of both governments such as US Minister to Great Britain Colonel Jacob Schenck shared the rules of the game. They even had these rules printed and sent to the Queen.
  • Poker became infamous across the world in the 1800s. Aside from the elite, the activity was treated as a shady business as gambling was illegal in other countries back then. As a loophole, punters often played on the docks or aboard ships.
  • In the 2003 World Series, a rookie, Chris Moneymaker, shocked the world by taking home the winning chips of the tourney after qualifying online. A lot of other inexperienced players tried their luck for another rags-to-riches story in the history of poker.
  • Through the years, the game also caught up to international films and Hollywood. Movies such as Casino Royale (2006) gave an amazing reputation to the game, especially inside land casinos.
  • With the opening of digital casinos, the game was finally reachable by the general public. Aside from all the other versions created as the game passed through generations and culture, new video poker variants were introduced to fit the digital world better.

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